PRO Membership
275 EUR  / month
Renews automatically

All prices excluding value added tax (MwSt.)

Cancellation Notice
30 days
Sign Up Fee
25.00 EUR

+ Unlimited 24/7 Access to the Building
+ 30 days cancellation time
+ 5 Floors to work from
+ Event Access, Perks & Discounts
+ Extra Phone Booths
+ 10 hours/month of Meeting Room Access
+ Global Roaming (once a month)
+ Business RegistrationÔÇĘ
+ Post & Parcel Handling Service
+ Secure Lockers
+ 50% Discount on Event Spaces
+ Bring guests*

Your membership also includes:
High-speed Wi-Fi, Community area access (like our Rooftop Terrace), Free Coffee & Herbal Tea, printing, scanning and office supplies, cleaning service, quieter enhanced-focus areas.

Your membership can start on any day and lasts a full month from the start date, please be mindful that in case you want to stop it, a 30-day cancellation notice is required.

* Besides being able to bring guests when they book a meeting room, PRO members have 4 free day passes a month they can give to a friend or client. For security reasons, please introduce your guest to the front desk staff upon arrival.

Booking Credits
Booking Credit
1.2 Meeting Room (CLUB ACCESS) / 1.3 Meeting Room (CLUB ACCESS) / 1.4 Meeting Room (CLUB ACCESS)
+ 21 more
Price per hour: 20.00 EUR
10h/month included (combined)
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